Being a Digital Producer

My name is Maya Gabrielle

I work in London, as the Senior Digital Producer for the National Theatre, and live in Brighton.

I sit on the Digital Strategy Committee for BAFTA and LIFT.

On this blog I post about the arts, digital, the National Theatre and anything else that tickles my fancy.

I love to talk at conferences and sit on panels, so check out my biography if you are looking for a digital rent-a-mouth. All thoughts and comments are happily my own and are not the opinions of any organisation I may be affiliated with.


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Barron Storey. One of the greats.


‘Save Me’ in a Single Shot

Seven digital projectors and 25 failed tries later, Cameroonian singer-songwriter Irma found herself with this magical one-take music video for her new song ‘Save Me’.


5 Ways To KNow If Your Content Idea Will Work


Origami Robots Fold Themselves and Walk Away

Watching this video I get a creepy, crawly vision of a future where these creatures crawl around like pests patrolling the city. The future of robotics is awesome and insanely scary.


Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze (previously featured here) recently completed a fascinating new series of his exquisite taxidermy Fairies. These delicate sculptures are primarily composed of parts from many different insect species, but if you look closely you’ll notice bones, seeds and even a few scorpion parts as well.

Visit Cedric Laquieze’s blog for many additional images and to check out some of his other enchanting creations.

[via Cedric Laquieze]

(via lonelyetntomologist)

Oscar Wilde’s fairy stories, adapted and produced in my living room, featuring the vocal talents of Thomas Rushforth. The Nightingale and the Rose The Selfish Giant Adaptations by M. G. Leonard Additional voices by Maya Gabrielle and Ivor Talbot Produced by Ivor Talbot Music by Ivor Talbot

"And seeing ignorance is the curse of God, / Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven” (2 Henry VI, 4.7)

This is brilliant for giving images a layer of educational information for teaching things.






Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD

all I see is black people talking about this. white people. go see this movie. you need to see this movie.

YESSss it’s finally happening!  So smart, so hilarious, and so rare to see a concept trailer make the jump from dream to reality- October 17th can’t get here fast enough. :D

This is a go see movie! And a great trailer.

(via almostconceptartist)

'Now I See' - A visual homage to Brighton and the young. Great music, great footage and over all a great film.

Make sure you watch it right to the end to hear the film makers demonstrating the camera’s exposure settings.

Dorfman auditorium seating



Here’s a peek at the new seats which are being installed on automatic elevators in the Dorfman Theatre, making the auditorium more flexible for daytime use for Learning workshops and events.

The Understudy



The Understudy, a relaxed and friendly new craft beer pub with riverside seating, is under construction on the north-eastern corner of the NT facing the Thames; it will welcome audiences, passers-by and visitors alike, with draught beers, wines, cocktails and nibbles.

For all the Shakespeare lovers out there. I’ve just published the Digital Exhibition on Shakespeare at the NT. It’s got Dame Judi, Anthony Hopkins, Lenny Henry, Daniel Day-Lewis and Derek Jacobi… what more could you want?

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