Being a Digital Producer

My name is Maya Gabrielle

I work in London, as the Senior Digital Producer for the National Theatre, and live in Brighton.

I sit on the Digital Strategy Committee for BAFTA and LIFT.

On this blog I post about the arts, digital, the National Theatre and anything else that tickles my fancy.

I love to talk at conferences and sit on panels, so check out my biography if you are looking for a digital rent-a-mouth. All thoughts and comments are happily my own and are not the opinions of any organisation I may be affiliated with.


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OMG! When I was a digital producer at the Royal Opera House, this was the film I was most proud of producing. However, at the time, The Macmillan estate refused to allow it to be added into YouTube for a variety of reasons.

Nearly four years later it has just been uploaded this week. You have to watch this.

Ed Watson, Mara Galeazzi and Jonathan Cope rehearsing a pax des duex from Mayerling.

This is an amazing film, and one of the most humbling experiences of my career to be in the room and have the permission to film this.

Camera work and editing was done by the Ballet Boyz. Share, Re-blog etc, this deserves to be seen and has been hidden for years.


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    Ed Watson, Mara Galeazzi and Jonathan Cope rehearsing a pax des duex from Mayerling.
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